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Chapter 2: "Success"

Have you ever...

tried to impress somebody you didn't know very well? Maybe you don't understand the implicit expectations of their culture or the subtleties of their language?

In those situations, the risk of making a fool of yourself is real. And that is the last thing you want when your dreams for your career and your future are on the line.

When you apply for an opportunity to study, work, or get a visa in the United States, it is crucial to tune into the sensibilities of the people who will assess your application. This book teaches you how.

"What the United States Wants" is the complete roadmap for any person determined to make their vision for a life in the United States become reality.

The book covers everything from cultural concepts fundamental for success in the U.S. (like "Progress" and "Productivity") to practical matters, such as how to write an American resume, prepare for an interview, and network to gain access to new and better opportunities.

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Let's get you going!

Find out how this reader used the book to get a position higher than she had applied for!

What is in the book?



  1. Why Values Matter

  2. Success

  3. Progress

  4. Time

  5. Productivity

  6. Evidence

  7. Individualism

  8. Personal Branding


  1. Your Audience

  2. Your Resume

  3. Cover Letters, Personal Statements

  4. Recommendation Letters

  5. Interviews

  6. Elevator Pitch

PART II is all practical advice. But did you know that PART I is too?

Each chapter in PART I ends with a section called "PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS"!

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